About Me

Jackie from iPhone Photo Studio

Photography since 1983…

Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, I have always had a fascination with photography.

I remember loving the fact that my mother always took photos of everything: Everyday moments, Special occasions and everything in between.

This must be inherit, because my mother did as my grandmother had done too.

Fast forward to today and I am now fascinated by how far photography has come.

From film to Polaroid cartridges to disk film to floppy disk to SIM cards to completely digital, the evolution of photography is so interesting.

I currently live in the Hudson Valley Region of New York State with my family.
I own and am the sole writer and photographer for my website: HudsonValleyExplored.com

Through my journey creating, taking photos and writing for that website, there were constant questions asked about my photography and how I did this or that.

Instead of repeating the advice I offered, I decided to start this site and show others that iPhone Photography does not have to be complicated.

Contact Me through email or through my favorite social media channels: Instagram and YouTube

Love From Customers

I never realized how I was over-thinking taking photos and how simple it can actually be.

Christopher W.

I just took the best pictures of my life this weekend using all the tips from this website.

Grace P.

I started at stage zero and can honestly say that I’m more confident than ever to take photos.

Jeffrey G.


Capturing a Moment on Film Keeps that Moment Alive, Forever.

Jackie at the Poughkeepsie waterfront with the Mid-Hudson Bridge in the background
Opus 40 in black and white